Monviso offers consumers a univocal image of specialised products in substitution of bread, combining the pleasure of taste with the desire or the need to maintain a controlled diet.
The exceptionally healthy nature of Monviso products is confirmed by the fact that it uses neither GM products nor hydrogenated fats.
The complete and articulated Monviso range consists of foods that have just one raw material - nature:


The Monviso Biscotto Salute is the simple “healthy sweet” that has become a must on Italian tables, as good as a biscuit and as light as a rusk.
In its original and unique recipe, based on simple and natural ingredients like cereals, milk and sugar, the Biscotto Salute encompasses the best of the typical Italian breakfast: quick, light, nourishing and capable of supplying energy for hours without creating a heavy feeling.
The particular flavour of the Biscotto Salute is still the result of the traditional process based on three successive kneading processes, a total leavening time of six hours and meticulous baking.
In addition to the original historic product, the Monviso Biscotto Salute line comprises the version with toasted cereal flakes.


Monviso Organic Range is the emblem of a wellness oriented diet; a unique and innovative range for the organic universe crafted with the finest ingredients.
Monviso Organic Range products, tasty and nutritionally balanced, accompany you in each instant of the day, starting from breakfast and ending up with meals.


Wellbeing above all is the philosophy behind the Monviso range of products which harmoniously combines health and taste.
From rusks, low-salt breadsticks and tea-biscuits to the products of the Fibra Activa line (rusks and breadsticks rich in soluble fibre and psyllium, wholegrain biscuits with prunes and psyllium and the brand new crackers and biscuits with bran and oat flakes) through to the crunchy Monvisine, low in salt, sugar and fat: a varied and innovative mix of proposals to look after yourself… eating.
A winning and very up-to-date offer, as confirmed by meticulous research into Italian dietary habits, uses, consumption and behaviour: while there is a need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, there is also an increasing desire to enjoy good food.


The IO SONO (I AM) Monviso range personalises the consumer’s choice, creating a very strong link with the product.
IO SONO (I AM) comprises a range of products without compromise in terms of nutrition, simultaneously satisfying consumers with demanding palates.


The Monviso Snack Line comprises Croutons, crunchy cubes of bread that are a constant success.
Raw oil and salt, spices and aromatic herbs are the natural ingredients that characterise the Line, adding flavour to the traditional taste of bread.
The range is ideal to accompany any dish at any time of day: Bruschettine Croutons are prefect for quick snacks between meals and as appetisers with cocktails, in the form of little cubes, delicious with salads and soups; MiniToasts add imagination to cocktails and parties with friends.
With the Monviso Snack Line, fun at the table is guaranteed!


Monviso joins in the world of Pastry with Cookies 3 Cereals, a 100% vegetable recipe-product which represents firm’s philosophy as best it can, by matching taste with high-quality ingredients and a specific attention to nutrition values.

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