The Biscotto Salute enriched with toasted cereal flakes is the result of the awareness that the nutritional contribution deriving from cereals must form the main part (60% of the total) of a balanced and healthy diet.
The Biscotto Salute with toasted cereal flakes is a rusk that is richer in fibre, germ, mineral salts and protein, highly beneficial nutritional properties contained in the whole grain which are partly lost in the refining of white flours.
The crispiness and taste of this rusk are the result of meticulous baking and browning of the cereal flakes, rich in carbohydrates and an irreplaceable source of slowly-assimilated energy.

The three flaked cereals
Spelt, which is low in calories and rich in protein.
Oats, which are easy to digest and rich in high quality protein.
Barley, a concentrate of vitamins which gives the rusk its particular flavour.

Main use
Goodness and health in a single rusk, for a new kind of breakfast.

Main sensorial characteristics
Sweet and scented, excellent eaten alone and also delicious when dipped in black or milky coffee, milk, cappuccino or tea.
Compact and pleasant to bite.

Main nutrition values
Rich in fibre (6%)
Rich in cereals (12%)

The use of the term “salute”, which is the Italian for “health”, as part of the product name does not indicate and does not mean that the product has particular beneficial characteristics.

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As good as a biscuit and as light as a rusk, the Monviso Biscotto Salute perfectly combines balance and taste.

Its unmistakable flavour is the result of a traditional process and simple, natural ingredients (cereals, milk and sugar) based on three successive kneading processes, a total leavening time of six hours and meticulous baking.

Ideal for the typical Italian breakfast: quick, light, nourishing and a lasting source of energy.
The Monviso Biscotto Salute Line comprises the original historic product (certified by the New York OU) and the version with toasted cereal flakes.

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