The Biscotto Salute originates from the tradition of Italian bread and biscuit making, alongside products characterised by the “biscotte” baking technique (the Italian word for biscuit being “biscotto”, which literally means “cooked twice”).
With its unmistakable flavour, it is an easily digestible and light product, as confirmed by its nutrition values: 74.5% carbohydrates, 7.8% protein and just 11.7% fat.

Simple, natural ingredients, with zero cholesterol
Cereals, rich in carbohydrates and an irreplaceable source of slowly-assimilated energy.
Milk, the basic nutritional food.
Sugar, with its high nutritional value, a source of immediate energy.
Certified by the New York OU.

Main use
A quick, light and nourishing breakfast.

Main sensorial characteristics
Sweet and scented, excellent eaten alone and also delicious when dipped in black or milky coffee, milk, cappuccino or tea.
Compact and easy to spread, with a small, inviting shape.

Main nutrition values
Rich in milk and sugar.
High energy value (453 Kcal per 100g).

You can find the Italian Toast also in this formats: 235 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g.

The use of the term “salute”, which is the Italian for “health”, as part of the product name does not indicate and does not mean that the product has particular beneficial characteristics.

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As good as a biscuit and as light as a rusk, the Monviso Biscotto Salute perfectly combines balance and taste.

Its unmistakable flavour is the result of a traditional process and simple, natural ingredients (cereals, milk and sugar) based on three successive kneading processes, a total leavening time of six hours and meticulous baking.

Ideal for the typical Italian breakfast: quick, light, nourishing and a lasting source of energy.
The Monviso Biscotto Salute Line comprises the original historic product (certified by the New York OU)and the version with toasted cereal flakes.

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